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Concept Paper No. 10: Advancing Health Equity by Increasing Access to High-Value Care

Concept Paper No. 9Barriers to Our Understanding of Low-Value and High-Value Care

Concept Paper No. 8Measuring High-Value Care Pre and Post COVID-19

Concept Paper No. 7How Can COVID-19 Refocus Our Health Care System Toward Value and Crisis Preparedness?

Concept Paper No. 6: The Time to Reduce Low-Value Care is Now

Concept Paper No. 5: Why Estimating Low-Value Care at a State Level is Valuable

Concept Paper No. 4: An Employer-Based Health Care Waste Indicator Tool: Prospects, Potential and Problems

Concept Paper No. 3Efforts to Measure Value in Health Care: Greater Balance is Needed

Concept Paper No. 2A Framework for Addressing Low-Value Care

Concept Paper No. 1: Improving Health by Reducing Low-Value Care


NEW! Research Brief No. 6, No-Value Care: A Starting Point to Reduce Wasteful Healthcare Spending

Research Brief No. 5, Price Growth of Medicare Services After Elimination of Consumer Cost-Sharing

Research Brief No. 4, Do Investments in the Social Determinants of Health Reduce Health Care Costs?

Research Brief No. 3Similarities and Differences Between States with Varying Rates of Low-Value Care: A Qualitative Review

Research Brief No. 2: Estimating State-Level Prevalence of Low-Value Care Services Among the Privately Insured, 2015

Research Brief No. 1The "Top 5" Low- and High-Value Services: Trends in Health Care Spending Among the Privately Insured, 2014-2016 (May 2019).