RC-HCVA Symposium

The purpose of the RC-HCVA symposium is to bring together our Colleagues in Value to discuss relevant research areas, challenges to implementation and gaps in what end-users need to inform policy change regarding value in health care. The symposium is an invitation only event held annually. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to beth.beaudin-seiler@altarum.org

Inaugural RC-HCVA Symposium

The RC-HCVA held its first symposium on July 12, 2018. This interactive, invitation-only event was structured to help guide development of the consortium’s research agenda. Sherry Glied, Joel Cohen and David Meltzer kicked off the meeting with their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in measuring low-value and high value care. Participants were then divided into five panels representing five separate content areas (clinical considerations; benefit/insurance design considerations; data measurement considerations; cost effectiveness analysis/methods considerations; and end-users/policy considerations) and were tasked with thinking through the same questions:

What are the research and implementation opportunities and challenges associated with reducing the use of non-value-added care and increasing the use of high-value care? What areas of research should be the focus of the Research Consortium for Health Care Value Assessment?

This summary document describes the valuable guidance provided by symposium participants. This guidance will be used as input to the consortium’s planning process.

HCVRC_Symposium_pix 600p.jpg

Beth Beaudin-Seiler (consortium administrator), David Meltzer, Joel Cohen, Sherry Glied, and George Miller (consortium co-director) at the opening session of the symposium